Internet Services / Data Communications

High Speed Data Communication Services

STPI has been the pioneer as Data Communication Service Provider in India since 1993. STPI started providing last mile connectivity (point-to-point) to customer premises through owned RF/Microwave. STPI was then the first organisation to provide point-to-multipoint Microwave Radio network for Internet services in India. STP units within 30 km radius of the ES are connected through line-of-sight point-to-multipoint TDMA microwave links.

STPI caters to the data communication needs of the quality conscious Indian IT industry by providing SoftNET Services. Integrated network service called SoftNET Services, which include SoftPOINT service, providing Point-to-Point International Private Leased Line Connectivity (IPLC) and SoftLINK service, providing Internet Leased line Connectivity to software exporters doing offshore development.

STPI also holds the Category-A Internet Service Provider (ISP) license with ALL INDIA as the service area. In fact, STPI is the first commercial Internet service provider of India and the first to offer Digital Private Line through multiple-access radio network. STPI’s National service delivery and management infrastructure includes 53 independent gateways.


The salient features of the SoftPoint services are:

  • High security and reliability - the point-to-point and dedicated link via telecommunication network provides maximum security and reliable transmission
  • Cost-effective - saves substantial cost on international communications
  • Latest Network Management tools are used to manage the services end-to-end
  • Bandwidths from 02 Mbps onwards
  • End interfaces available are V.35, G.703 etc.
  • Single point contact for all support activities
  • Fault logs available on the intranet


  • Network Redundancy at all levels (i.e. last mile, router, switch and connectivity to Internet gateway on transmission level)
  • Robust Network with multi-homed gateway
  • 24x7x365 technical support, handled by well-qualified technical team
  • Online bandwidth statistics to monitor the usage and enable customer to forecast future requirements
  • An ISO / ISMS / SMS certified organisation
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) uptime of more than 99.5%
  • Bandwidth on Demand (BoD) service for the existing Internet Leased Line Service customers

Last Mile Connectivity (Local Loop)

In the early 90s, the IT industry was growing and the demand for bandwidth was huge. While international bandwidth was available, there was a shortfall in the last-mile connectivity. To address the last mile connectivity challenges, STPI provided Microwave network catering to the immediate needs of the customers. This network was further strengthened by the addition of Point-to-Point radio networks enabling the delivery of a 2 Mbps or more bandwidth over the last mile.

STPI uses the latest software tools to design the microwave link and the same is tested in-house before implementation. Over a period, STPI microwave network has evolved to be one of the biggest microwave networks in use for data communication and has now become a true multi-vendor network.

During the post-millennium era, private operators participated in this segment and delivery of services through copper and fibre based last mile connectivity has become a reality. STPI has established a collaboration with all major service providers such as BSNL, Bharti etc. to service last mile over copper and fibre. With the last mile on copper / fibre there is considerable improvements in quality of service such as reduced delay, multiple redundancy options etc. The last mile service providers have designed the last mile in such a manner that the fibre is extended very near to the customer premises. This ensures that the last mile connectivity to the customer premises is only a few meters. The fibre switches of all the service providers mentioned above are located at STPI NOC, which reduces the provisioning time and increases the efficiency in case of troubleshooting.

Service Destination

There is no limit to the service destination. Presently, the services are offered to destinations such as North America covering United States, Canada etc., Europe covering United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland etc. and APAC covering Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Japan etc.

SoftPOINT Service

A SoftPOINT service is a point-to-point international private leased line for the exclusive use of an organization to communicate between its offices that are spread across the world. IPLC acts as the lifeline for business applications in global enterprise networking and building virtual organizations.

IPLC's are digital circuits available for international data transmission, communication, and so on. They are secure and are ideal for companies that have high volume of International data transmission. IPLC’s provide efficient, reliable and secure point-to-point connection to business partners round the clock, anywhere in the world.

SoftLINK Service

SoftLINK is an internet service developed specially to cater to the needs of the IT industry. The Internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure.

SoftLINK is a service offering Leased Internet access in two modes viz. Standard and Premium qualities Each having its own Quality of Service Parameters. This service was launched to cater to the rising needs of the industry for quality and committed service. Soft Link services have found a large customer base.

STPI offers high-speed Premium (1:1) Internet Leased Line Service at competitive rates. This service has been catering the needs of the IT industry and provides high-speed, dedicated Internet access with quality and reliability. 24x7x365 technical support, handled by a well-qualified technical team. Online bandwidth statistics allow Customers to monitor the usage and help them forecast future requirements. Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its internet network guarantees uptime of more than 99.5%.

SafeNet – Virtual-UTM

The Internet traffic is filtered, scanned and cleaned at the STPI Internet Gateway before it reaches customer network providing increased network security without having to invest on expensive on-premise security appliance. This integrates critical security functions such as firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, anti-virus, web content filtering, application content filtering, malware, Botnet etc., and provides remote admin service for managing Firewall rules, Web filtering etc. Virtual-UTM service helps customers to manage compliance requirements by automatically enforcing corporate-level polices.

Managed IT Services

STPI offers the Managed IT Services to customers across India, over the cloud to address long IT infrastructure procurement cycles, underutilization of resources, need for dynamic scalability, and appropriate disaster recovery of applications and data.

Cloud has emerged as one of the most preferred modes to consume IT. STPI has partnered with leading Datacentre and Cloud Service provider to cater to the dynamic IT needs of its customers viz. Servers, Networks, Storage, Applications, Security, Cloud, Managed Hosting Service and Disaster Recovery Service backed by SLAs.

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