Policy and Objectives

Policy and Objectives: 

STPI Gandhinagar Directorate Policy:

We understand the critical importance of our services and presume that our growth is possible only through our customer’s growth, does all the possible efforts to enhance this field. We provide state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities like Computing facilities, High Speed Data Communication facilities connecting virtual software development centers in India to their Clients abroad including shared data communication facilities (TCP/IP) based on Internet. Besides the above STPI also provides other value-added business services to conduct the business at pace desired by the Global Software Market. STPI is one of the largest software community in the world.

STPI Gandhinagar Objective

The objectives of the Software Technology Parks of India are:

  • To promote the development and export of software and software services including Information Technology (I.T.) Enabled Services/ Bio-IT.
  • To provide statutory and other promotional services to the exporters by implementing Software Technology Park/ Electronics and Hardware Technology Park Schemes and other such schemes which may be formulated and entrusted by the Government from time to time.
  • To provide data communication services including value added services to IT / IT Enabled Services related industries.
  • To promote micro, small and medium entrepreneurs by creating conducive environment for entrepreneurship in the field of IT / IT Enabled Services.
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